Surf boy to fisher man

Recently I can’t help but notice many of the local male surfers have been spending less time in the waves and more time on the open seas fishing.  Since both sports are ocean related, it seems like a natural transition to move from surfing to fishing.   A prime example being my partner Damiano (I’m sure many of you have seen all the fishing pictures I’ve been posting!).  Although he says he has always had a love for fishing, when I first met him he was way more into surfing.  This past year, though, he has been spending more of his free time catching fish rather than waves.  It’s been incredible to watch his passion for fishing grow.  At times it’s almost a little annoying!  If his trip is successful, he obviously comes home happy and with a lot of fish (which is great for me!).  But on the off day he doesn’t, then I am stuck dealing with a grinch for the rest of the night (not so great for me!) and no fish! 



As he gains more and more fishing experience, I’ve been learning a lot more about fishing as well.  I’ve discovered there are a lot of similarities between fishing and surfing in terms of both having many different styles.  In surfing, there are long boards, short boards, fun boards, paddle surfboards, boogie boards, etc.  In fishing, there are also a lot of different styles, including trolling, jigging, live baiting, casting, hand lining & spear fishing.  The different ways of catching fish are never ending!  Although the old school style of fishing with yolo is still alive in Puerto Rico, it does seem like the New School is taking over these days.



Growing up in Japan near the Pacific Ocean, fishing in my country was completely different than here in the Caribbean.  In Puerto Rico, we have a diverse variety of fish species, including chillo (snapper), mero (grouper), rainbow runner, mahi-mahi, wahoo, kingfish and of course, tuna.  There are so many different flavors and tons of ways to prepare the fish.  My favorite has always been the classic, freshly grilled with garlic sauce and rice and beans.  Of course, if it’s tuna I will make sashimi.  As much as I love eating fish though, I am not a fan of cleaning or filleting it.  Don’t fool yourself into believing since I’m from Japan I can clean fish and make sushi!  Its fake news!  But no complaints, I’m lucky to be eating fresh fish whenever I can.  It is super delicious direct from the ocean, and I have been enjoying it immensely every time we can get it!



Aside from the advantage of having fresh fish to eat, this new passion for fishing has also brought along a lot of new friends and opportunities.  All day long I hear these guys talk, joke and dream about planning their next fishing trip.  Sometimes I almost feel jealous that he has found this new joy in his life.  But every time I see the smile on his face when he catches a fish, I can’t help but be happy for him.  As Damiano says, “the best part about fishing is the connection to the ocean and the amazing adrenaline rush”.


And so I have one final request…..

Dear fishing gods, please be good to Damiano so I can sleep at night!

Pues Adios todos, till next time!

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