Senorita Yanyi ? China-Boricua ??

Since the pandemic, I have been contacted by several different bloggers and influencers interested in promoting our business.  Initially, I was skeptical about accepting help from just anyone.  I wanted it to be the right person, someone who could talk about our business with the perfect amount of excitement and enthusiasm.  A friend of mine from New York told me about Yanyi and encouraged me to check out her travel videos in Puerto Rico.  After watching her videos, I was immediately sold by her fun, down-to-earth attitude, as well as her positive energy.  She also caught my attention since we are both Asian and living here in Puerto Rico.  After contacting and talking to her more extensively, I was confident she was the right person for the job.


For those unfamiliar with Yanyi, she is of Chinese descent, raised in Puerto Rico and residing part time in New York.  She loves capturing the Puerto Rican culture and has spent the last few years creating videos to promote the island.  She enjoys trying new activities and puts an emphasis on sampling the food of every area she visits throughout Puerto Rico.

When she arrived in Rincon, Yanyi spent a few days getting to know us and learning about our business.  Luckily, the ocean conditions were perfect during her time here and she was able to participate in all the services we offer.  She paddleboarded in the marina, took surf lessons for the first time ever at Domes Beach, snorkeled Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and even enjoyed a sunset paddleboard session on her final night.  Yanyi captured amazing footage of our beautiful town and created an incredible video detailing her time with us.


I hope this promotional video will help others enjoy our services the way she was able to.  She was professional, fun, and made our business look awesome.  I can’t thank her enough for such a great experience. Check out the video below!


For more of her videos and adventures, subscribe to her youtube channel here. 

Yanyi also supports @wepasatos and participates in dog rescue efforts throughout Puerto Rico.  To learn more or donate to their cause, please follow the link.

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