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Ocean Therapy

I’ve been looking for this photo since my mother passed away in January.  Today I would like to share a very personal topic that occurred recently in my life, as I feel it could be helpful to others who might be going through a similar situation.   As many of you know my mother passed away in Japan this past January.  Four days later, my husband Damiano’s father also passed away in Italy, followed by his grandmother two weeks after.  It was an extremely difficult time for us, especially because these deaths occurred in other countries in the midst of a pandemic, as well during one of the busiest months for our business.  Due to restrictions imposed from Covid-19, traveling on short notice was nearly impossible.  I was forced to deal with this loss while being apart from my family and while continuing to manage the daily routine of the company.  In spite of this situation, I felt so fortunate to be near the ocean and considered it a major part of my healing process.  Walking the beach, feeling the sunshine and getting into the water to surf or paddle helped me in so many ways.  I am reminded everyday how lucky we all are to live in such a beautiful, therapeutic environment and how grateful I am to have such an amazing “office” view!

We can all agree there is something powerful and cleansing about being near the ocean, both spiritually and scientifically.  It satisfies all five senses and creates a level of calmness and relaxation unlike anything else.  The simple act of sticking your feet in the sand, listening to the waves or smelling the salty air can help clear your mind and refocus your energy.  Saltwater has a ton of healing properties, from cleansing your skin, strengthening your immune system, decreasing anxiety and easing muscle pain.  Sunlight exposure is actually super important for the body, as it provides Vitamin D which is essential for healthy living.  Low levels of Vitamin D have often been linked to depression and osteoporosis.  So, spread on the sunscreen and make some time for the beach!

Lastly, if you have experienced the loss of a loved one during this already difficult time, be sure to reach out to friends, family or loved ones.  I’m exceedingly grateful to our friends locally who showed support through numerous calls, texts and visits.  I also want to express sincere thanks to our staff and co-workers who helped maintain the business while we were coping with these losses and taking personal time to grieve.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Most of all, Rest in Peace to my beloved mother, my sweetest father-in-law Stefano and nonna Fiorella.  I will see you guys one day over the rainbow!

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss and sorry u both couldn’t be with family to say goodbye, I hope with time your memories of them will bring u much joy and comfort as the ocean does for u daily. You both are in our thoughts and prays ???

    1. You spoke from your heart and it shows. This was a beautiful sentiment. So sorry you had to deal with multiple losses.

  2. I’m truly sorry for you’re lost , I’m grateful for you to gracefully share this story with me and others I think its important for us as humans to share our feelings, thoughts, and openness. It reminds us that we our not alone. I have to tell you I had some health scares and like I mentioned to you earlier Today, I would follow the pictures and fun activities you guys offered everyday on instagram and it gave me hope to come move out here and be where I was meant to be all my life the island which I was born in Puerto Rico . Your Instagram pictures and stories gave me hope, that I would one day follow my heart and dreams of a peaceful, graceful healthy life, and your right there’s something about the ocean that’s soothes all of us and gives us peace into our mind and hearts we “our all resilient “. I cannot wait for my first Paddle board lesson thanks to you guys .

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