Geared up for an awesome 2020!

Here at Rincon Paddleboards we realize that having quality equipment always leads to a better experience. We’ve always maintained a solid inventory of SUP, kayak, and surfboards, and snorkel gear among other things. The surf so far this season has been incredibly consistent. To make sure 2020 is another year of memorable experiences we have updated our stock of surf boards with a lot of new high quality equipment. In addition we have added several new paddle boards to our stock as well. Whether you’re going for paddle, going on a Guided tour with snorkeling, or taking a surf lesson you will be on the best equipment for the job. Over the years we have worked with a lot of different equipment and have figured out what works best and gets the best results. 2020 will be AWESOME!

What about the earthquakes?

So far Rincon has not been affected from the increase in seismic activity around the island on a noticeable level. We have been able to carry-on providing visitors with amazing experiences without any major disruptions. We take safety very seriously and all staff have been educated on how to handle the possible risks associated with earthquakes and an emergency safety plan is always established prior to starting any activity. This isn’t anything new. We ALWAYS assess weather conditions for possible safety issues and always have a plan of action in case of deteriorating conditions or unexpected events before entering the water. It has become a regular part of how we do business. All of the pictures below are people that were able to safely have a great time with us recently and some awesome wildlife they were able to interact with.

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  1. Thank you Rincon Paddleboards for always putting safety first,you guys are always working hard to better your services!

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