Senorita Yanyi 🧡 China-Boricua 🇵🇷

Since the pandemic, I have been contacted by several different bloggers and influencers interested in promoting our business.  Initially, I was skeptical about accepting help from just anyone.  I wanted it to be the right person, someone who could talk about our business with the perfect amount of excitement and enthusiasm.  A friend of mine …

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Forza Italia

Winning the Euro Cup 2021 was everything for Italians.  It was a tense, edge-of-your-seat game, ending with a penalty kick shoot-out to finish the match.  It was so exciting I almost couldn’t watch!  Italians were seeking redemption for failing to gain entry to the World Cup in 2018.  This win was also their first major …

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Chikako and Mom in Japan

Ocean Therapy

I’ve been looking for this photo since my mother passed away in January.  Today I would like to share a very personal topic that occurred recently in my life, as I feel it could be helpful to others who might be going through a similar situation.   As many of you know my mother passed away …

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