About Us

chikako loves surfing

Chikako was born and raised in Japan. She moved to NYC and eventually came to Puerto Rico for vacation where she discovered surfing and the ocean lifestyle. It was a life changing visit. Living near the ocean means everything to her. The joy and happiness she gets from the ocean had a profound effect on her life. She has since lived here for 20 years and truly believes (as do many around here) “life is better when you surf”.

damiano lifeguard and paddleboard instructor Damiano was born and raised in Rome, Italy. After 13 years experience as a lifeguard, he began his world travels until he made his life changing visit to Puerto Rico. Damiano has spent just about every day at the beach for over a decade now. He works as a surf instructor and is an ISA certified surfing and paddle board instructor, a USLA Open Water Lifeguard with Open Water Jet Ski Rescue certification, and now has over 20 years experience as a lifeguard. Born from their mutual love of the ocean and joy in working in the water, Rincon Paddle Boards is ready to help you have an amazing time in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

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